lconf_logoThere was definitely too much happening in 2014, and while there is progress to be seen on Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2, LConf required some attention & love. Acknowledging bugs doesn’t automatically fix them, and we’d also like to have the Icinga 2 migration export for our customers ready to be used preparing the final migration in 2015. Furthermore we’ll definitely need to get better responding to bugs and feature requests on our redmine bug tracker.
Which is why the LConf taskforce was founded, the week before christmas holidays and even in our English speaking week. Four days full of code, drawings, swearing and whatnot. On the long run, we’ve fixed quite a few LConf backend bugs (not only Icinga 2), banged our head on LConf Icinga Web frontend bugs and finally tried to improve the export performance somehow. We’re also aware that the LConf Standalone Web gets more important these days when integrating it into the upcoming Icinga Web 2. Last but not least we’ve reviewed quite a few user contributed patches and integrated them upstream – thanks for that, keep up the good work!
In order to keep your installations safe, all the remaining bugfixes are applied to the existing 1.4.x branches. Which means we’re releasing the following versions today:

The LConf Export performance problem is addressed separately. Since we were required to change large parts of the code, it is released as beta version on top of the released 1.4.x branch, but as 1.5.0-beta (Changelog, Download). We did test and develop it using a rather huge ldap tree at a customer (25 min average export time down to 5 minutes), but it certainly requires your tests & feedback as well.
Merry Christmas from the LConf taskforce!
Achim, Alex, Michael & Markus

Michael Friedrich
Michael Friedrich
Senior Developer

Michael ist seit vielen Jahren Icinga-Entwickler und hat sich Ende 2012 in das Abenteuer NETWAYS gewagt. Ein Umzug von Wien nach Nürnberg mit der Vorliebe, österreichische Köstlichkeiten zu importieren - so mancher Kollege verzweifelt an den süchtig machenden Dragee-Keksi und der Linzer Torte. Oder schlicht am österreichischen Dialekt der gerne mit Thomas im Büro intensiviert wird ("Jo eh."). Wenn sich Michael mal nicht in der Community helfend meldet, arbeitet er am nächsten LEGO-Projekt oder geniesst...