Puppet Camp für Blog_125Yes, you are bloody late and I warned youtwo times… in German though, but if you really loved me, you would have learned German.
But, because I’m not a barbarian, I will warn you once again in the language of Sherlock Holmes, Queen Mary and Johnny Rotten: YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FOR PUPPET CAMP DUESSELDORF    N O W !!!
The thing is, that we will have the Puppet Camp on October 16th, which is pretty soon I guess for some reason without even looking at my calendar… and Luke Kanies, and a lot of other pretty awesome speakers will be there…
And just because we love you all so much (especially myself of course) we will give you the tickets for a bargain with 25% off. Even a former B-list celebrity who is living in a cardboard box under a bridge could afford the ticket now!
The ony thing you need to know to get the discount is how to read the post behind this link and how to fill in the code PuppetCampCheers! In the “additional notes” field if you register… and you should do this NOW, because the tickets are strictly limited, my friends! 🙂