Friday, 3am, CEST localtime. Getting ready for the plane to San Francisco (MUN – AMS – SFO). 12am PST – ready for “The City”. Alcatraz, Cable Cars, … Thomas, Markus and me getting the whole sightseeing package over the weekend 🙂 Bernd & Julian joined later on Monday (and hey, Gunnar, Marius and Eric are here for the Icinga Camp on Thursday too).
The five of us @netways guys entered the great location for this years Puppetconf at the Marriot Marquis hotel early, meeting at the NETWAYS booth.
Day 1 of Puppetconf 2014 kicked off with the keynote by Luke Kanies, announcing quite a lot of changes coming with Puppet 4 – Facter & Agent in C++ rather than Ruby for more portability, Puppet Master in written in Clojure, new Puppet Apps for the Puppet ecosystem.
I attended a beginner’s talk about creating and maintaining puppet modules (still need to get my hands dirty with the puppet-icinga2 module which is under heavy development), while Markus & Tom were looking at the hot stuff with Puppet 4, security audits with Puppet, Razor, a provisioning toolbox and the R10K workflow thingie. Time flies, and so does the feedback on #icinga2 at the @netways booth (awesome, just awesome!). Kris Buytaert explained 7 horror stories with Puppet later on, that was a good & funny presentation as always.
Right after the last talk the evening event started at Metreon on the top floor – nice location, awesome view over SFO. Next up for sponsorsPress Club with tasty top notch wine. We all had a great evening, but #puppetconf day 2 was calling, and sleep is still overrated 😉
Day 2 started with delicious breakfast (for sweets & fruits, that is) and later on the intro keynotes. Q&A with Luke today unveiled an interesting insight in how they see the difference between open source and the enterprise product. We also learned that people at #puppetconf still use Nagios ™Â (and hate it), and told them at our booth how cool Icinga 2 and Icinga web 2 are 😉
After some spontaneous gin drink-up we’re still looking forward to great talks (like James Turnbull on Docker). Later on we’ll check into Github HQ 3.0 for the Icinga Camp happening tomorrow.
On a personal note: It’s a real pleasure to connect with icinga users and soon-migrating users here at Puppetconf. Even the ops team at Puppetlabs is using it, and they all are going #icinga2 soon – trust me 🙂
Thanks to Puppetlabs organizing a fabulous Puppetconf 2014 & see you tomorrow at Icinga Camp, and in case you miss it: ‘vagrant up‘ helps 🙂
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Michael Friedrich
Michael Friedrich
Senior Developer

Michael ist seit vielen Jahren Icinga-Entwickler und hat sich Ende 2012 in das Abenteuer NETWAYS gewagt. Ein Umzug von Wien nach NĂŒrnberg mit der Vorliebe, österreichische Köstlichkeiten zu importieren - so mancher Kollege verzweifelt an den sĂŒchtig machenden Dragee-Keksi und der Linzer Torte. Oder schlicht am österreichischen Dialekt der gerne mit Thomas im BĂŒro intensiviert wird ("Jo eh."). Wenn sich Michael mal nicht in der Community helfend meldet, arbeitet er am nĂ€chsten LEGO-Projekt oder geniesst...