weekly snap31 March – 4 April started a new month with monitoring tips and fun galore, a how-to guide or two, as well as new hardware.
Eva started the week by counting 8 days to the OSDC and sharing Jan Gehring’s talk on “Orchestrating Servers with Rex” as Bernd peddled our last two tickets to the Berlin event.
He also released the ultimate check_netways plugin just in time for April 1st and offered video evidence that we are home to Germany’s most flexible salesman.
Johannes then gave a guide to installing VMware tools on a FreeBSD 6-8 guest while Christoph showed how to set up end-to-end monitoring with Watir WebDriver and Headless.
Christian continued the monitoring theme, reminding interested attendees to join our Icinga Web webinar and Georg announced newcomers to our hardware store: Braintower SMS Gateway S & L with workshops to boot.