There have been many questions targetting Icinga 2 and a configuration gui such as LConf. As promised to users and customers during OSMC 2013, LConf ships the first step towards a succesful migration from Icinga 1.x to Icinga 2: The LConf Backend supports exporting the LDAP configuration tree in native Icinga 2 configuration syntax.
The frontends (LConf Standalone Web, LConf for Icinga Web) remain untouched and will support your daily work. If configured, the LConf Export backend will automagically convert the required changes (new notification objects between services and users, check command macros or the newly introduced optional host check, etc. ). An additional deployment script has also been added, even though distributed monitoring using the new Icinga 2 cluster stack should be considered during migration 😉

# mkdir /etc/icinga2/conf.d/lconf
# sudo -u icinga /usr/local/LConf/bin/ -o /etc/icinga2/conf.d/lconf --format 2
# service icinga2 restart

Besides that, the 1.4.0 release ships community contributed patches such as a configurable ldap port (thanks Lukas Matecki), additional debug output and plenty of bug fixes. Check the Changelog in the documentation. Download LConf 1.4.0 now (or give the package repository a shot) and let us know what you think 🙂
During upgrade, make sure to update your (especially for Icinga 2 export). Please report bugs and features requests to the LConf Backend bug tracker.

Michael Friedrich
Michael Friedrich
Senior Developer

Michael ist seit vielen Jahren Icinga-Entwickler und hat sich Ende 2012 in das Abenteuer NETWAYS gewagt. Ein Umzug von Wien nach Nürnberg mit der Vorliebe, österreichische Köstlichkeiten zu importieren - so mancher Kollege verzweifelt an den süchtig machenden Dragee-Keksi und der Linzer Torte. Oder schlicht am österreichischen Dialekt der gerne mit Thomas im Büro intensiviert wird ("Jo eh."). Wenn sich Michael mal nicht in der Community helfend meldet, arbeitet er am nächsten LEGO-Projekt oder geniesst...