weekly snap25 February – 1 March was packed with events, a recruiting mix-up alongside tips for monitoring and development.
Eva counted 51 days to the OSDC with Kenny’s presentation on “Expert Troubleshooting: Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly” and reflected on our recent flood of Puppet training courses and events.
Of events and Puppet, Tom and Bernd presented on Puppet and Icinga at the German Unix User Group spring conference.
Marius then shared his memory footprint analysis for various scripts with the help of Valgrind and Massif, while William showed how to monitor SAP with Icinga / Nagios.
We had our annual meeting, and offered to help another open source company out with their search for monitoring consultants, adding a new friend to meet at CeBIT in the process.
Last but not least, we congratulated Marcus as he finished his apprenticeship and begins his work as a Systems Engineer with the managed services team.