weekly snap18 – 22 February was all about events, workshops and training courses in Puppet, Icinga / Nagios and development.
Eva began by counting 58 days down to the OSDC with Christian Winkler’s presentation on “Ultra performant websites with varnish MP4”.
She also announced NETWAYS’ CeBIT stand whereabouts this year and reminded interested speakers to submit their talks to the Puppet Camp 2013 Call for Papers before 15 March.
Puppet Labs then trained our Puppet trainers Sebastian and Thomas in preparation for the upcoming Puppet courses they’ll be running.
Continuing with courses, Eva dished the details on Dirk and Christian’s three Nagios / Icinga workshops with iX.
Lastly, Markus shared his .vimrc and favourite VIM addons as our dev team re-emerged from their two-day blue-sky think camp with new processes and photos to show.