weekly snap7 – 11 January was packed with events from the upcoming RootCamp, OSDC and a Puppet webinar to the first company ski trip, plus Python and Ruby tips to boot.
Eva explained unconferences, barcamps and what is to be expected at RootCamp on 24-25 May in Berlin. She also counted down 100 days to the OSDC 2013 with Olivier Renault’s ‘Introduction to Eucalyptus’.
More on events, Martin announced the first German language Puppet webinar on 24 January while Vanessa shared photos from our first Netways skiing trip.
Ronny then reminded us to manage Ruby and gem updates with RVM and Johannes recommended pdb++ for Python debugging.
To close the week, Christian shared good news that Teltonika ModemUSB5/10 now comes with an x64 driver for Windows.