15-19 October brought us the OSMC 2012 and Puppet Camp with photos aplenty, plus an InGraph guide and photos from Birger to boot.
Eva finished her countdown with Jan Doberstein’s presentation on “Monitoring ‘wer kennt wen’ with Free and Open Source Software” before kicking off the OSMC 2012 and intensive workshops.
At OSMC half time, she shared a couple of photos from the first day, squeezing in the obligatory Segway shot. Impressions from the medieval dinner and drinks with LED juggling soon followed, and by then it was time set the stage for Puppet Camp.
In between Marius showed us how to install InGraph as part one of his ultimate guide to the performance graphing addon, and Birger sent us his first happy snaps from down under, upon touchdown in Sydney on his sabbatical.