31 Oct – 4 November turned over a new month with a tool to ensure javascript code quality, a job opening for a graphic design student and a case of disappearing OSMC tickets.
Amidst preparations, Pamela warned that tickets to the OSMC are selling out fast. With just 3 weeks to go, this year’s Open Source Monitoring Conference on 29 – 30 November has already filled all places to the intensive workshops on the conference eve. A few GOLD conference packages are available, but register quick as available rooms at the conference hotel, Holiday Inn are vanishing fast. As in previous years, Thomas Krenn will support the OSMC with a hardware exhibition and as a first, the evening dinner and drinks will be held at Alex – atop Nuremberg’s renowned Christmas market.
Pamela then continued to call out for a graphic design student, interested in part time work to produce print and web material, available for an immediate start. Visit the ‘Jobs’ area of our website for more information and to apply.
Lastly, Eric shared his tip to ensure code quality in javascript with JSHint. Equipped with a javascript implementation such as Rhino, JSHint can be used off as well as online. When both are extracted to a folder, code validation can begin. Using an example bit of code with two common mistakes that bring IE7 to its knees, Eric offered a script to automatically insert missing semicolons and remove excess commas. The rest he leaves to you!