17 – 21 October shared tips for ensuring MySQL replication quality and creating webpage galleries from the command line, while giving a tick of approval for the latest Ubuntu release.
Ronny started by sharing handy tools to ensure MySQL replication integrity, from the Percona Toolkit (a.k.a. Maatkit). The command ‘table-checksum’, compares the contents of replicated tables using various algorithms and can even be built into the replication process. If variations are found,  he suggested ‘table-sync’ to correct them.
Lennart then created a simple HTML gallery straight from the shell, using a couple tools from the Image Magick project. With the help of Montage, he created a picture gallery with frames, captions and shadows. With the +Polaroid option, he created thumbnails that resemble Polaroids, tilted for a playful effect. Finally he also recommended jhead to automatically rotate Exif images.
To end the week, Marius reviewed the latest Ubuntu release- Ozelot. With Evolution replaced by Thunderbird for email, Synaptic replaced by “Software Center” to manage packages, LightDM as the new display manager, and Gnome3 offered for the UI, he gave the entire Ubuntu release his approval with a “+1”.