8 – 12 August introduced a new hardware starter kit, senior consultant Philipp and two ways to archive emails in Postfix.
With a couple simple changes to the mail transfer agent (MTA) in the main.cf, Lennart showed how to archive emails in Postfix . Using ‘recipient_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/bcc_maps’ he specified the map file for emails which are assigned to a particular user on the MTA and then directed it to forward emails by copying the mails sent by the user with ‘sender_bcc_maps  =  hash:/etc/postfix/bcc_maps’. Alternatively, to simply archive all emails in the mail server, he suggested always_bcc = archiv@example.org also in the main.cf.
As part of our staff series, Philipp a senior consultant in our monitoring and systems management wing, introduced himself, his work and his life beyond the office. Involved in customer projects from pre-sales and conception to onsite implementation, he is also a trainer in our NETWAYS courses and workshops. Phillip reflected on his recent projects at large German automotive and financial corporations, and the trend towards open source in the corporate world.
Our hardware storeman introduced a new starter kit for temperature and humidity monitoring in small server rooms. The kit consists of the “Gude Expert Net Control 2101” meter, a 2m cable combination temperature/humidity sensor and matching power adapter. The Gude meters are all SNMP compatible and can send alerts via email. They come equipped with a web based user interface, a second sensor port and digital output with watchdog functionality (PING). Plugins for Nagios / Icinga are available at www.netways.org