18 – 22 July was jam-packed with tips on virtualisation, SNMP monitoring and JavaScript, announcements of new hardware products, new training course and celebration of a completed apprenticeship.
To begin, William shared two plugins for switch monitoring via SNMP and Philipp gave a quick tip on migrating from VirtualBox to VMware Fusion. Using the VBoxManage tool from VirtualBox, converting from its *.vdi file format to VMWare’s *.vmdk is a piece of cake. He also introduced our newest training course: “Icinga- Next Generation Monitoring”. From installation and configuration to useful addons and the nuances of the new web interface, the course offers best practice tips for each individual to apply to his own environment.
From the development team, Eric offered a handy tip to quicken the process of browsing large JavaScript arrays. Whereas most simple search algorithms browse through all an array’s elements, his binary search example halves the length of each search area with each step until the element is found. To note however, is the need for the field to be sorted.
Hardware man Martin then announced the arrival of Gude Expert Net Control to our store. Available either with a normal power supply (2101) or with PoE (2151), both meters feature two ports for sensors (RJ45) and a contact output which can be connected directly to the device in the event of an alert. Both include a web interface and are SNMP compatible. In addition, Gude offers two I/O controllers- 2100 (without PoE) and 2150 (with POE). Plugins developed in-house for Nagios and Icinga are also available at www.netways.org.
Finally Georg (aka Schorch) reflected on his successful graduation from sys admin apprentice to Systems Engineer. Alongside exams, he presented his final project, “Integration of a Backup Solution for a Client of NETWAYS GmbH”. This covered the selection and procurement of a system, its setup, installation of raid, the network and operating system as well as the implementation of a backup environment with Bacula inclusive of client integration and web interface. We congratulate him on his successful start to a career on board the NETWAYS team!