23 – 27 May introduced the OSMC and offered help with virtual server migration and PHP code quality.
Christoph showed us how to migrate servers from VM Ware to Xen. He started by checking if the vmdk image was divided into multiple sparse files. Then he converted these into an image which could be copied to the Xen server. In turn, he converted the image nto a raw format for the machine to be either completely or partially virtualized. Finally he ended with a Xen configuration example.
Following on Manuela introduced the 6th Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios (OSMC) to be held on 29 – 30 November 2011. For an impression of the event, she shared a video and the slides from Bernd’s presentation in 2010 on Enterprise Monitoring with Icinga. This time, 3 intensive workshops will be held on the conference eve: Kickstart Icinga, Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper Reports and Configuration Management for Nagios & Icinga with Puppet. She reminded interested speakers to submit to the Call for Papers by 30 July 2011 and early birds to snap up the ticket specials before 15 August 2011.
Finally, Marius shared his tip for ensuring code quality in PHP. He recommended the PHP_CodeSniffer package to check PHP, JS or CSS code following conventions from renowned hacker guilds such as PEAR, Zend and Squiz. He liked the option which allows the user to “preset” their own rules where needed and advised early automation of code quality testing in unit tests or build server to ensure clean code from the onset of a project.