2 – 6 May presented the next Nagios training course, Sebastian from Managed Services and an article contrasting SCOM and Icinga in Computerwoche.
Rebecca announced the upcoming Nagios Availability Monitoring training course on 7 – 10 July in Nuremberg. The course offers those new to Nagios, an overview of systems monitoring, with particular focus on Nagios and a few of its commonly used addons in monitoring modern IT environments. The 4 day course is suitable for those with solid knowledge of Linux basics. Packages include accommodation, training materials and the Nagios hand guide by Wolfgang Barth. Register for the Nagios course online, or find out more about NETWAYS’ other courses on Puppet or Jasper at the Training Center homepage. In addition, the training team also offers workshops on Icinga, the Nagios fork, as the closing course day or over 4 complete days.
On the topic of Icinga, Julian shared an article in Computerwoche comparing it to SCOM. In the 11/12 edition, Markus Bäker, Senior Systems Engineer at TechniData IT-Service GmbH juxtaposed Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) with the open source Icinga. He even uploaded a PDF version for all to download.
Finally from the Managed Services team Sebastian introduced himself, his work as Systems Engineer and dedication to both open source and motorcycling. Currently setting up two new clusters for customers and restructuring the office Puppet environment, Sebastian has worked on many a project in his first half year at NETWAYS. We’re happy to have him on board!