18 – 22 April closed the 3rd OSDC and heralded the upcoming OSMC, while recommending the OSSBIG and NagiosQL.
In a part 3, Philipp added NagiosQL to the Nagios Config Interfaces series. The PHP based configuration tool for Nagios and Icinga saves all data in a MySQL database to be exported as configuration files. With the help of a wizard, installation is easy and error-free – all that is needed is a web server with PHP, a Pear package and MySQL database. Philip praised the well structured user interface, with handy clone/copy functions. However, a cross-functional search tool is lacking and various configuration options can be somewhat cumbersome. He found NagiosQL good for enterprise environments nonetheless, as configuration files can be exported via SSH or FTP to other instances.
Moving on to events, Manuela tipped off the Open Source Software Business Information Group’s upcoming event in Vienna. The half-day conference on 31 May features both business and technical presentations on open source and its applications.
She also bid the 3rd OSDC 2011 farewell. Held on 6 – 7 April with a special focus on Automated Systems Management, the sell-out conference will return next year on 25 – 26 April. All presentation slides are now online for download and attendees should receive their access details per email in the coming week. In the same breath, Manuela touted the next event – Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios on 29 – 30 November. We look forward to seeing you there again!