11 – 15 April shared success stories and live streaming archives from the CeBIT with a new Puppet training course date.
In a final hurrah for the CeBIT 2011, Manuela forwarded news that the video archive of presentations at the Open Source Forum is now online at: http://www.linux-magazin.de/Events/CeBIT-Open-Source-Forum-2011
Rebecca reminded us of the virtues of centralized configuration management with Puppet. In the same breath, she gave us the date of the next Puppet training course on 13 -15 September. More details on the course and registration can be found at the NETWAYS Training Center.
She also shared two new success stories from projects at Bitmarck Service GmbH and Hirschvogel Automotive Group: The first with a Nagios implementation and Fujitsu servers, the second with Sensatronics monitoring hardware. More success stories can be found at http://www.netways.de/de/info/success_stories