28 March – 1 April turned over the month with a new release of EventDB, a Puppet training course, a sold out OSDC and an Icinga Facebook extension to mark the 1st April day.
Jannis released EventDB version 2.0 with a wealth of new features in performance, scalability and user friendliness. Now in the form of an Icinga cronk for both the new Icinga Web and Classic Web, EventDB has its own database and enables separation in the connections of read and write functions to handle greater loads. In the cronk, events can be filtered freely to be viewed by host, messages or applications etc. making it even more convenient for admins to use. The plugin now also features status tagging of multiple facilities and various levels of severity. To top it off, it too supports IPv6 and IPv4. Download EventDB v2 from netways.org or our git.
From the events team, Rebecca gave us details on the upcoming Puppet training course on 24 -26 May. From configuration and understanding the resource abstraction layer to meta-parameters, dependencies and events, students will leave the course fully prepared to run their own Puppet systems. The course package includes 3 nights accommodation, catering, course materials and a complementary laptop in class. To take advantage of greater automation in your configuration management, register at our training center.
On the topic of registrations, Manuela closed the door on those to the OSDC 2011 which sold out with 100 guests. For those who missed out this year, we hope to see you in 2012 on 25 -26 April.
Finally, no start to April is complete without a good trick – this year with a new extension ‘Social 4 Icinga’, integrating Facebook into Icinga monitoring.