14 – 18 March closed the chapter on CeBIT 2011 and opened the NETWAYS training year.
Rebecca announced the start of the NETWAYS school year with three training courses: ‘Monitoring with Nagios’ (22 -25 March) ‘Puppet Configuration Management’ (24-26 May), and ‘Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper Reports’ (28 – 29 September). All come with accommodation, catering, course laptop and materials plus a small dinner and drinks event on the 2nd last day for casual networking. Should more individualized training be called for, NETWAYS offers customized workshops and online courses in partnership with the Linux Academy are also available for learning at your own pace and place. More information can be found at the NETWAYS Training Center: http://www.netways.de/de/units/training/
Bernd then shared his ‘MySQL in Large Environments’ presentation from CeBIT for download, following Julian’s on ‘Open Source IT Management’. On the side, he invited readers to post if they use any of the new MySQL features such as partitioning or semi-synchronous replication.
In theme, Manuela reflected on the big CeBIT just past, with more than 4200 companies from over 70 countries and a collective, annual purchasing volume of over €50 billion. Exhibiting in the Open Source Park, Manuela and the rest of the NETWAYS team enjoyed the many good discussions with passersby, where Icinga and its new version 1.30 in comparison to Nagios featured alongside particular interest in our Hosting and Managed Services offering. As a final CeBIT farewell, she shared a live stream of Philip Deneus’ presentation on ‘Monitoring with Icinga’ and a few snapshots of the few days in Hannover. Thanks go to Pluspol for arranging the Open Source Park, where we hope to see you again 6-10 March 2012!