28 February – 5 March was dedicated to CeBIT, our impressions and a special support deal to boot.
NETWAYS was once again in the Open Source Park of CeBIT, with three presentations by Julian (IT Service Management with Open Source Software) and Bernd (Enterprise Monitoring with Icinga & MySQL in Large Environments).
In celebration of it all, Peter announced a CeBIT special on our support services. All new support plans registered by 31 March 2011 will receive a 10% discount for the entire first year. These include not just support for Icinga and Nagios monitoring systems, but also a large variety of open source solutions such as Debian, Jasper Reports, Request Tracker, Puppet, Bacula, MySQL, XEN, Heartbeat, LVS and DRBD. The various support plans are flexible and can be combined. More details on the services offered can be found in our support broschure or simply by emailing our sales team for a custom quote.
Reporting on the first day, Manuela highlighted German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opening speech on the importance of IT in society, given the trade fair’s focus on “Work and Life with the Cloud”. In this context, Linux veteran Jon “Maddog” Hall then brought the cost efficiencies of open source to the fore, enticing ever more visitors over.
As this year’s CeBIT coincided with Carnival season, the NETWAYS team partook in the celebrations with live music, refreshments and tie snipping where the Bavarian State Secretary fell victim to our Karolina. Manuela also tipped off the online archives of all speeches from the Open Source Forum streamed live by Linux Magazine.
Lastly, Manuela gave us some highlights from the last day of CeBIT: an interesting speech by Philipp Deneu on Monitoring with Icinga at Univention, and an unexpected enthusiasm for NETWAYS paraphernalia. She closed her reflections on the busy CeBIT with a look forward to the upcoming 3rd Open Source Data Center Conference in Nuremberg.