24 – 28 January announced two new hardware monitoring plugin and firmware releases, introduced Becky and a SASSy solution for CSS topped off with a special 20% off OSDC tickets.
Jannis found a way to make working with CSS fun with SASS stylesheets. A simple colour change need not consume a day, because SASS uses variables that are much easier to alter. And with the help of a compiler the variables, definitions functions and more, turn magically into CSS. Best of all, if you know CSS there is not much more to learn – check out the homepage to test if for yourself.
Following on, Rebecca our events apprentice introduced herself and her impressions of her first few months on board. Working hard on the OSMC of 2010, helping Manuela with everything from invoicing and program planning to interviewing attendees for live testimonials and marketing presentations streamed live, Becky gladly took on responsibility. So much in fact, that she is now organising Nagios, Puppet and Jasper training courses. With 2 years to go in her apprenticeship, she looks to be on the right path with the right attitude – we look forward to more updates along the way.
Becky continued to forward news of the IPMI sensor monitoring plugin v2 release for Nagios/Icinga. The Thomas Krenn plugin monitors the status of hardware such as fan speed, temperature, voltage, power input and more. To these ends it combines with Nagios or Icinga, FreeIPMI (as of v.0.5.1) and Gawk. The plugin is available for free download, with more information on Thomas Krenn’s wiki and exchange.nagios.org or available through special announcement and user mailing lists.
On the topic of hardware monitoring, Martin announced Multi-Tech iSMS’ new firmware 1.47 and plugin. Multi-Tech iSMS‘ new release brings new bug fixes and the ability to enter SIM card PINs in the web interface, removing the need to deactivate them in advance. View the changelog or download the firmware from Multitech. The updated monitoring plugin is available at www.netways.org.
Manuela reminded us to book before 28 Feb and save 20% on the Open Source Data Center Conference. Alongside high calibre presentations the 3rd OSDC will feature Puppet and Jasper workshops on the conference eve. To be sure you know what to expect, she threw in 2 videos of speeches from 2010 on Monitoring with Icinga (Bernd Erk) and Java Monitoring and Troubleshooting (Rainer Jung). And if one event isn’t enough, Manuela also offered an OSMC + OSDC special that saves up to €400. Register now and we’ll see you on 6 -7 April in Nuremberg!