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Weekly Snap: OSDC CfP, new Syslog-NG and faster PHP

von | Dez 6, 2010 | WeeklySnap

29 Nov – 3 Dec turned over the new month with an OSDC Call for Papers, a PHP tip and a Syslog-NG new release.
From the development team, Marius shared a tip for accelerated PHP websites. He recommended the Zend Community Edition Server, a compiled Apache with a selected set of modules and the current PHP5. In the background an Apache2 runs for PHP and a lighttpd provides for the admin interface. The integrated Zend Optimizer+, PHP Opcode and page cacher help to generate pages quickly. Marius also demonstrated its ease of installation, with the help of the Zend Installer. Try it for yourself, by downloading it free from the vendor website.
Sharing his own open source tip, Julian took a look at the recently released Syslog-NG 3.2 and its new capabilities. Referencing the software vendor BalaBit, the latest release features log file correlation, a new plugin system and process accounting data collection among many others. Alongside the open source version, Balabit also offers a commercial variant with more features such as encrypted and tamper-proof log data storage. Balazs Scheidler, CEO of Balabit IT Security may be a familiar name for attendees of the 2nd OSDC where he introduced Syslog-NG 3.0 capabilities in 2009.
Finally, Manuela called out to interested speakers for the Open Source Data Center Conference coming up on the 6 -7 April 2011. Dedicated to open source software in data centers and large and complex IT environments, the conference will be held in Nuremberg with a new theme. The German language event will highlight “Automated Systems Management” and offer two intensive workshops (Configuration Management with Puppet and ITSM Reporting with Jasper) on 5 April. Interested speakers are welcome to submit their ideas to our Call for Papers and get more info and an impression of the past two events at: Early birds are just as welcome to snap up tickets at special rates till 28 February 2011!

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