27 September – 1 October turned over the month with yet another Icinga appearance in the press and the last 5 tickets to the OSMC.
In the last days leading up to the Open Source Monitoring Conference on 6 – 7 October, Manuela conjured up an extra 5 places for those who may have missed out. If you want to get in on the latest in network monitoring, Nagios addons, monitoring with Icinga and best practices, register quick at http://www.netways.de/en/osmc/y2010/registration/
To follow, Bernd recommended an article in the English language Admin Magazine. ‘Network Monitoring with Icinga’ offers a short introduction into Icinga, its various components and basic features. It also looks into a few monitoring scenarios in detail and advanced configuration options. For those new to Icinga, the article gives snapshot of current developments, with the final version of the new web interface and features to be released next week. Read it in full here.