20 – 24 September released LConf in two versions and got excited about the OSMC coming up in two weeks.
Jannis announced the release of LConf 1.0 and LConf for Icinga 1.0.0. The all purpose LConf 1.0 boasts new features such as service groups, SVN revisions, new LDAP schemas and attributes, not to mention the disposal of many a bug. Download it out at netways.org.
LConf for Icinga 1.0.0 on the other hand offers direct management of LConf trees through Icinga Web, intuitive drag ‘n’ drop and automatic alias updates, key word search, filter templates and search/replace via regular expressions. To top it off, it also supports multiple simultaneous database connections and copy/move elements between them, as well as cronk integration so that hosts in Icinga host/service views jump to their counterparts in the LDAP tree. Check it out too at netways.org.
Finally from the events team, Rebecca reminded late birds that they have 2 weeks to go to the Open Source Monitoring Conference on 6-7 October. With a varied program of speeches and workshops in German and English, the conference is known for its relaxed atmosphere of discussion and exchange, as well as casual networking. Supported again by Thomas Krenn AG and their exhibition of the latest server technology, and Linux Magazine’s streaming services, attendees won’t have to miss a speech despite the parallel presentation tracks. Tickets are limited so register now!