September 13–17 gave tips for data center hardware, monitoring software and web animation.
Martin introduced HW Group’s network water leakage detector, the HWg-WLD. One of the few water sensors which can cover large areas, the HWg-WLD detects the tiniest amounts of water, ethylene glycol and other conductive fluids along its sensor cable. In fact it can be used to sense condensation and needs only to be dried after a water break before using it again. With a web server and SNMP support, the HWg-WLD sends alerts via email or SNMP trap. Available in PoE, the HWg-WLD ranges from 0.4m, 2m and 10m long sensor cables, with a Nagios / Icinga plugin coming soon.
From the developer team, the Jannis tipped off CSS3 transitions for animations made easy. Supported by most webkit browsers like Safari, Chrome etc., CSS3 transitions can animate HTML elements to emphasise buttons quickly with little programming knowledge. For more ideas Jannis recommends an article from a Mozilla blog.
Bernd then shared his recent contribution to Admin magazine, on ‘Monitoring Virtualized Environments’. It covers the most popular virtualization tools such as VMware, XEN and KVM as well as container systems OpenVZ and Solaris Zones. Thanks to the lively community around Nagios and Icinga, a multitude of plugins monitoring capabilities are available. The article offers help in their selection and use, offering insight into the underlying mechanics of monitoring. Read it here for free!