12 – 16 July looked at SOAP architecture, reflected on the OSDC and reported on apprenticeship happenings.
As promised, Bernd started his SOAP vs. REST series, with a look at the architecture of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Unfortunately not so simple, the XML protocol deals with the structure of messages and not the transmission. Compared to REST it needs defined interfaces and namespaces to function properly in large environments with diverse services. This XML overhead makes transmitting large amounts of data particularly slow. On the other hand, SOAP’s advantage lies in the accuracy it demands, as services have to be designed to answer specific requests, eliminating inconsistencies. Its ability to aggregate complex transactions and structure in a message makes it best suited to highly complex needs.
Following on, our apprentice Schorsch gave us his latest update. In sponsorship of the Linux user group and Bernd Stroessenreuther, Schorsch had a chance to set up a new XEN –VM, its volume and network with VLANS and DNS, install FAI and of course integrate it into our Nagios monitoring.
Finally, Manuela made a formal farewell to the 2nd Open Source Data Center Conference, with a few thanks, reflections and images. In particular she noted contributions from Baron Schwartz (MySQL and InnoDB Performance) and Dr. Hendrik Schöttle (Legal Pitfalls in the Data Center), pointing to the presentation slides for all speakers and Linux Magazin Video Archive for participants to access. In the same breath, she invited all to the Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios coming up on 6 -7 October – this time with a new day long workshop, ‘Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper’ on the conference eve. We hope to see you there!