21 – 25 June was dedicated to OSDC with a quick puppet training preview.
Bernd kicked off with the opening presentation made by Baron Schwartz, co-author of ‘High MySQL Performance’. He delved into the architecture and response time MySQL and InnoDB Performance. Of note, were his tips on Disk I/O and the use of an appropriate file system (e.g. XFS) and its scheduling settings to accelerate execution.
Michael then reported from Michael Renner’s presentation on PostgreSQL and Fabrizio Manfred’s on distributed file systems. Michael Renner gave an update on the current happenings with PostgreSQL and its various replication mechanisms, covering Trigger based replication/log shipping and the possibilities that now come with Live Migration. Fabrizio weighed the pros and cons of an array of open souce distributed file systems, starting with OpenAFS and GlusterFS for large infrastructures, HDFS (Hadoop FS) for task and content distribution and finally ending with his favourite – Ceph. Structured similar to HDFS, Ceph can automatically reallocate data based on access frequency.
Bernd returned with Apache 2.4 news by Rainer Jung and Jens Link’s introduction to IPv6, followed by his impressions of scaling and virtualisation.  First scaling in professional network platform Xing by Jens Mücke, then KVM and Pacemaker updates by Ralph Dehner of B1 Systems and Open QRM and Open VZ container virtualization. To end the OSDC reflections, Peter recounted the features of IPMI from Werner Fischer’s speech and the plug-in by Thomas Krenn to boot. He also reported from Thomas Lang’s enthusiastic presentation on his FAI (Fully Automated Installation) project, who even offered a questionnaire to FAI users for their feedback.
After OSDC closed up, Bernd announced the return of our Puppet training course back by popular demand. 13 – 15 July in Nuremberg, the course will offer both beginners and experienced users knowledge on configuration, resource types, classes, modules and tags on top of best practices. Check out our training center for registration and more details.