May 17 – 21 Manuela was on fire this week, with Nagios training and recruitment announcements as well as an Open Source Monitoring Conference Call for Papers! Only Bernd managed to squeeze in a word about his recent visit to the monitoring conference in Bozen.
Once again, the Free Software Center South Tyrol and Würth Phoenix GmbH held a conference with a focus on monitoring and Nagios in Bozen, Italy. Nagios Founder, Ethan Galstad made a keynote presentation on Nagios developments, future plans and introduced NagiosXI. Other presenters included Michael Medin of NSClient++, Reinhard Schek from Cacti and Luca Deri from Ntop. To top it off we got to meet old friends as well as new, like Massimo Forni the newest member of Team Icinga.
On the topic of teams, Manuela announced our current job offers. We are seeking a Project Manager, Linux Consultant (Systems Management), Bookkeeper and Sales Manager to join our 20 man team. An apprenticeship place is also open for an aspiring Events Marketer. More details are available at the jobs area of our website.
Manuela then extended her call out to interested speakers for the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) coming up on 6 – 7 October this year. Previously known as the Nagios Conference, the OSMC will be in its 5th year running and promises to be the event for the latest monitoring technology, ideas and exchange. With early bird specials already available, register right away for this regular sell-out event and get it at a discount till 30 June 2010. For interested speakers, check out our Call for Papers to get your chance to be in the limelight this year.
If you can’t wait till October to get your Nagios tips, the Nagios Availability training course is around the corner on 28 June to 1 July. Trainer Michi Streb will be heading it once again to share his practical expertise with Nagios newbies to cover the Nagios essentials. Register quick to get monitoring made easy.