May 3 – 7 celebrated two first year milestones – Icinga’s first birthday and Schorsch’s end of his first apprenticeship/internship year on board.  It also kicked off a new blog series on monitoring config interfaces and invited web aficionados to the Web Monday get-together in June.
From the consulting team, Tobias introduced us to his new blog series on monitoring config interfaces, to tackle the chronic issue of graphic tools for Nagios or Icinga configuration. He’ll cover LConf, NConf, Lilac, NagiosQL, NagiosAdministrator and compare them on the basis of installation pre-requisites, handling/user friendliness, feature set, use in enterprise environments and data import capabilities. Drawing from his recent mammoth monitoring project for over 3,000 hosts, 45,000 services on 5 Icinga clusters in a master/slave environment, there could be no better man to write on this config interface challenge.
Our apprentice/intern aka Schorsch reflected on his year with NETWAYS and the many different tools and projects he’s come in contact with. From inventory management with i-doit and Bacula backup, to monitoring systems- OpenNMS, Nagios and Icinga and MonitoringExchange maintenance. Soon he’ll be sitting a few exams to show what he’s learnt in technical IT areas, business, English and social studies – so we wish him the best of luck.
Manuela invited all web enthusiasts – thinkers, builders, designers, founders or financiers to Web Monday, a casual, non-commercial gathering to be held this time at NETWAYS, 2nd Floor, 15 -19 Deutschherrnstraße on 7 June 2010, 7pm.
She also congratulated Icinga on its first birthday, whose team has since grown 16 members from Australia, Austria, Germany and South Africa. In just 12 months, they have managed to release Icinga Core Version 1.0, integrate MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database support, as well as build an API and web interface to envy. A big cheer to all those who have supported the project!