12 – 16 April introduced our new systems management bus based on Mule ESB, e-learning videos for the AKCP securityProbe product range and speakers for both the Linux Tag and Open Source Data Center Conference coming up.
To begin, Bernd tipped off the first version of our systems management bus based on Mule ESB ready at netways.org for download. Complete with libraries, Javadoc, Mule configs and an installation guide, this first version can send status and performance data from one or multiple remote systems to the Master as well as commands to the satellites
Meanwhile, Martin shared the latest hardware news – AKCP securityProbe e-learning videos are now available on their refurbished website. Covering the web interface, device and notification configuration, the videos make for easy to understand instruction guides.
Manuela came in to spread the word on the most important Linux meeting across Europe –Linux Tag, on 9 -12 June in Berlin. With a focus on professional and government applications of open source, security and cloud computing, our three speakers Michael (on Puppet and Subversion), Julian (on Nagios and Icinga) and Bernd (on a mix of data centre tools) fit in well.
She then continued to give us a peek into the program at the Open Source Data Center Conference on 23-24 June. Introducing Christian Horn (T-Systems), Maciej Dobrzanski (Percona. Inc) and Marc Grimme (Open Sharedroot Project), topics to be covered include Cobbler for rapid network installations, MySQL scaling in practice and Open Sharedroot Project – a comprehensive cluster solution offering a high availability, easy to administer single system image environment for Linux. Check out the other speakers and presentations at www.netways.de/osdc/!