Mar 1 – 6 got CeBIT crazy with a virtual Nagios training here and a physical Nagios training there.
From the office Manuela announced trainings galore with a new interactive Nagios learning experience. In cooperation with Linux Magazin Academy, our trainer Michael Streb will be rattling off 13 video classes on Nagios for newbies. Available online, whenever, wherever and as often as desired, the new training course comes with a free demo. For those who like it in the flesh, a few last tickets are on the go for a Nagios beginners workshop on 15 – 18 March. Grab a discount by registering with the voucher code: “NaMä5″
Beginning with the first impressions and ending with the last, snippets and photos where flying out from our team at this year’s CeBIT. Of note, was the immense interest in Puppet for configuration management, and monitoring solutions Nagios and Icinga. Perhaps it had something to do with the well received presentations by Julian (‘Monitoring Large IT Infrastructures with Nagios and Icinga’), Bernd (‘Open Source Data Warehouse for IT Management’ and ‘Project Icinga’) and Michael (‘Nagios Online Training’)which will be available on in Linux Magazin’s Live Streaming archives soon.
Nonetheless, with visits from Radio F and the Nürnberger newspaper, to political VIPs Ms Beate Merk and Mr Franz Josef Pschierer and trumpeting Bavarian brass bands in lederhosen, this year’s CeBIT was definitely memorable one.