weekly snapFeb 1-5 kicked off the month with Christmas in January, new firmware, a Jasper appearance in the Linux Technical Review and more NSClient++.
To begin the week, hardware man Martin announced another new firmware release, this time for AKCP securityProbe to support SMS messaging alerts via the Teltonika Modem USB / G10 GSM Modem.
Meanwhile Michael rolled out part 3 of his NSClient++ series with a look at Windows monitoring fundamentals. Beginning with a CPU capacity utilisation check, he gave the command lines for disk and memory utilisation checks, uptime and service state checks. All of which are carried out through the check_nrpe plugin.
Bernd shared his recent article contribution to the Linux Technical Review on Jasper Reporting, covering everything from the reporting framework structure to iReport tips and tricks and data selection.
Finally, just as the last, NETWAYS celebrated Christmas closer to the end of January than December with a good dose of mulled wine, confused senses at the Tower of Senses, XXL double beef burgers at the Skybar, topped off with karaoke. Should the tradition proceed, one year we may be donning the Santa hat in a beer garden soaking up some sunshine.