weekly snapJan 4- 8 started the New Year with a stable LiveStatus release, MonitoringExchange twittering and quick fixes for admins suffering from spam turn-of-decade inconveniences.
Bernd L shared a tip for admins using Spamassassin who may have found many emails being filtered out due to the filter rule FH_DATE_PAST_20XX. He showed how to modify the Spamassassin rule and offered the patch which unfortunately will face the same problem at the next turn of decade. For the lazy and those who don’t want to wait for the coming updated distribution package, he suggested sa-update.
Birger tipped off the release of check_mk version 1.1.0 and with it, a stable LiveStatus event broker addon. Enabling efficient status data transfer from a Nagios or Icinga core to other applications such as NagVis, Live Status is on the flipside unable to deliver historical data. This disadvantage however is shared with its alternative software – ndo2fs. The other drawback of its generic API incompatibility with all data sources can luckily be resolved by Icinga’s API. This can be adapted for LiveStatus with the majority of the work already done and available on GIT.
More on monitoring, Julian announced MonitoringExchange’s entrance to Twitter. To keep yourself informed of the new or updated plugins and projects as they are released, simply follow the account- MonitoringX.