weekly snapDec 7-11 brought a few big announcements with a new in-house development called Catalot, the relaunch of MonitoringExchange.org and Julian’s new role at Linux Technical Review.
Taken on to their Editorial Board, Julian will contribute his over 14 years’ open source experience by way of article selection and polishing. The highly specialist publication dives deep into topics ranging from storage and backup to monitoring, virtualisation and performance optimisation.
Following the media theme, Manuela reported on the reportings of iX magazine which applauded our recent Open Source Monitoring Conference: “New name, exploding visitor numbers and highly acclaimed release candidate 1.0”. We thank them for the flattering review and look forward to the next one on 6-8 October 2010.
From the other side of the office, Marius shared news from the developer team; relaunching MonitoringExchange.org and announcing its new catalogue system Catalot developed in house. Written in PHP5 and based on Agavi and Doctrine frameworks, Catalot is a powerful new tool to manage the massive database of over 2000 plugins. As always, Catalot is available to download under GPLv3 at netways.org.
Thanks to Catalot and other developments, the refurbished Monitoring Exchange is packed with new features including:

  • Greater security on a role-base access control model with the validation of all data
  • CMS support for individual pages
  • Agavi-MVC and modularization for easy future extension
  • Database abstraction with Doctrine
  • File bundling
  • Nested categories which can be referenced (nested sets)
  • Project roles (Admin, Owner, other participants) as part of improved user administration
  • Detailed comment and rating functions

So check it out and pop us a few comments, we look forward to the feedback.