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Weekly Snap: MySQL to XML, OSDC and DWTV

von | Nov 30, 2009 | WeeklySnap

weekly snapNov 23-27 closed the month with a few acronyms. From MySQL to XML conversions, to an OSDC Call for Papers and an innovative distributed monitoring project at Deutsche Welle.
For those who’ve been scouring the net for scripts to convert MySQL tables into XML, Bernd E demonstrated two methods within MySQL itself. Option -xml/-X and a simple mysql dump do the trick and have been available at least since version 4.
Christian F then brought the spotlight onto the next Open Source Data Center Conference. Planned for the 26th to 27th May 2010, he made an OSDC Call for Papers covering clustering and high availability, load balancing, security and firewalls, monitoring, change and configuration management. For those who these terms ring bells, we look forward to hearing from you. Find out more at www.netways.de/osdc.

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