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Weekly Snap: Sesam checks, Sidmach visits and HWG-STE

von | Nov 23, 2009 | WeeklySnap

weekly snapNov 16-20 was a busy week on the blog, with Open Source Expo impressions, new tools, plugins and hardware and a visit from new clients from abroad.
To start, Bernd reported back from the Open Source Expo in Karlsruhe where he represented Icinga. He gave us a peek into the concurrent International PHP Conference with a presentation by Zend developer Ralph Schindler on “PHP in a Cloud”.
William followed with yet another plug-in release – check_sepsesam to monitor SEP’s back up system, Sesam. The plugin can be queried via SSH and NRPE, filters recent backup task by hosts and tasks for analysis, and enables hosts and task lists to be specified such as timeframe restrictions in configuring multi-line outputs. Check it out and download at www.netways.org and www.monitoringexchange.org.
On the topic of development, we looked at Myterm for the querying, filtering and charting MySQL data, while Martin K introduced his latest handy hardware. The HWG-STE network thermometer by the HW group monitors temperature and humidity for server rooms and data centre racks. With email alerts, SNMP functionality and an easy to use web frontend for configuration, Martin recommended it as an environmental monitoring base, tipping off a demo site for those interested to test.
Moving onto Hosting & Managed Services, Stefan G introduced himself and his work. As our System Engineer responsible for the mammoth StayFriends system, his highlights range from server migration of the 3 digit calibre to large scale VoIP and firewall construction for the ever growing social networking platform.
From the same sphere, Peter thanked Sidmach Technologies for their recent visit- our newest Hosting & Managed Services client. Mike Olajide, Chijioke Eke and Lawal Mudashir came to inspect the data centre and see their new server in action, which we host for their student registration portal. With lesser guarantee of stable infrastructure or reliable broadband speeds in their company base of Nigeria, Sidmach made the decision to ensure high availability by outsourcing to us in Germany. Tech talk aside, Peter also introduced Mike, Chijioke and Lawal to classic franconian fare in form of “Schäufele”, making for a great visit all in all. Now we’re already looking forward to the next.

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