We’ve  found a new project that was launched just this month called Myterm. An extensible command line client with pipe chaining, Myterm is an alternative tool for querying, filtering and graphical representation of MySQL data.
A clean and simple model, a Myterm command chain starts with a command (normally a query) which returns with a set of results that is sent through a chain of bash filters eg. awk, grep, sort. Myterm then uses libchart to generate graphics of the final data, which are sent to a destination such as a file or browser.
Myterm’s structure is based largely on a plugin concept, where for example, it uses shell exec for browser integration. In this sense it can act as a kind of nucleus where multiple tools can be connected for backup, data transfer, monitoring and more.
Myterm is definitely worth a look, for developers interested in good ideas and administrators who want a quick overview of their database without digging into deep MySQL knowledge.
By applying Unix commands to MySQL, Myterm approaches database querying from a totally different perspective – and that’s why we like it.
Check out the project on Launchpad at https://launchpad.net/myterm.