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Weekly Snap: iSMS, seeking software developer and Nagios training

von | Nov 16, 2009 | WeeklySnap

weekly snapNov 9-13 brought hardware, training and our development team to the fore- short and sweet.
Hardware guru Martin updated us on the newly renamed Multi-Tech SMSFinder, now known as iSMS in their latest firmware version 1.31 (model SF-100-G-EU). Now capable of load balancing 4 to 8 integrated modems, iSMS will be ever more useful for companies with high SMS alert traffic. Correponding modifications have of course been made to our Nagios plugins (for this version and older), to be found on www.netways.org.
Christian F bid another year of NETWAYS training farewell, only to open a new calendar plan for the next. In 2010 March, June, September and November, Nagios – Availability Monitoring’ courses will be open, with registrations starting now. Targeted at beginners, his course provides an overview of systems monitoring, focusing on the leading, open source, monitoring software – Nagios.
Finally, Marius called out for reinforcements to the development team, in search of a software developer PHP5 fit, MVC familiar and Linux interested. Check out the job specs on our jobs site – and if you reckon you fit, we look forward to hearing from you.

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