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Weekly Snap: OSMC and OSMC plus a project or two

von | Nov 2, 2009 | OSMC, WeeklySnap

weekly snapOct 26-31 was an intense week of blogging on the go at the OSMC. Only a couple strayed from the conference craze, such as Peter’s update on a Request Tracker project for the European Patent Office which will moved to our data center, boosted with NetApp SAN storage capacity and maintained by our managed services.
All else was OSMC. Karo kicked off the OSMC ticker on the eve of the conference, with a few impressions of the Linux live streaming and Thomas Krenn hardware setup.
Soon later, Bernd and Julian came in early with the first two 8am presentations: ‘Development of SNMP Plugins with Net::SNMP and Nagios::Plugin’ by Martin Hefter and Kristian Koehntopp’s Monitoring MySQL. Martin gave an introduction into Perl based development and use of available modules and libraries, offering Nagios/Icinga plugin developers a good guide to creating tools and extensions for existing implementations. Kristian covered areas of incident monitoring, problem detection, capacity monitoring, load and bottleneck forecasting and audit monitoring. He offered methods of attaining the required data, the available tools and their implementation with existing monitoring solutions.
Julian continued his coverage of the first OSMC day with Eric Pfaller’s presentation on an open source monitoring implementation at Audi, and a related presentation on the new LConf tool for the administration of monitoring configurations with LDAP. Here, our consultant Michael Steb took the reins with a live how-to on its integration into an existing monitoring system and administration in an LDAP front end such as Eclipse SDK.
Birger reported on a string of presentations, starting with PNP4Nagios Version 0.6 by Jeorg Linge. Jeorg announced a host of new innovations such as dashboard baskets, relative time ranges, new plugin templates and ‘dynamic series’ alongside multilingualism and a PHP 5.2 dependency. Birger then moved onto the Nagios Plugins presentation by Thomas Guyot-Sionnest who signalled new plugin projects and tools on the move, and ended the day with SNMPTT front end – NagTrap presentation by Michael Lubben. He noted Michael’s plans for future versions to include live views, database clean up, authorisation, hostname alias function and automatic status change for alerted traps.
Reporting on the second conference day, Bernd highlighted Ton Voon’s OpsView as a Nagios based tool to watch for extended coverage, web configuration and various distributed environment scenarios. Shortly after, Julian ended the presentation round with Bernd’s on ESB applications to distributed monitoring environments. Bernd offered Mule as an example of centralised transportation, router and transformation of check results in large heterogeneous monitoring systems.
Upon OSMC close we said our farewells and thankyous, and then hopped back into business with the project of October– a speedy, well coordinated Nagios expansion at BuW.
For impressions of our big yearly OSMC from the outside, a few reflections have made it to blogs from speakers and attendees that are worth checking out. So far:

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