weekly snapOct 19-23 closed up the Jasper Reporting series, revisited Nagios monitoring and recommended Mule, a worthy ESB to try.
To start the week, Julian uploaded his Nagios Monitoring presentation from a Thomas Krenn workshop in Freyung. Beyond the Nagios essentials, he looked at monitoring VMware and tipped off a new consolidated monitoring solution. Comprising special server hardware, a Nagios implementation workshop and support of both- the package comes courtesy of NETWAYS and Thomas Krenn.
Following on, Bernd rounded up and bid his 14 part Jasper Reporting series farewell. From installing Jasper server and designing on iReport, to presenting real-time Nagios data and automated report distribution, he covered all possible facets in the last few weeks. Just in case any questions might be left unanswered, he has kept his door open for Q&A in the comments.
Moving onto Mule, Bernd shared his new favourite Java based open source Enterprise Service Bus. Unlike classic ESBs, messages need not first be converted to a uniform format and Mule supports almost all the common technologies. For these reasons , Bernd gave Mule the thumbs up.
For those who might have noticed, the recent quiet on the blog was made up for by the flurry behind the scenes. Heavy development work has been in progress on a soon-to-be-released, new-improved, barely recognisable… MonitoringExchange. Icinga&MXchange out of the bagAlongside the upcoming Icinga alpha release and this year’s Open Source Monitoring Conference – next week promises the let the cat out of the bag.