weekly snapOct 5-9 took us across to the UK, deep into reporting and briefly on hardware.
Martin tipped off a new Multitech SMSFinder firmware, which offers load balancing for up to 4 Finders in a network, and multi-user interface for up to 20 simultaneous users.
Bernd then rolled on with his Jasper Reporting series and taught us how to define dynamic parameters for interactive reports and template functionality. After which, he stretched reporting to the past and showed how to generate host availability reports in Jasper with percentage availability for specified time periods in a neat pie chart.
On the open source UK thread, Julian celebrated the London Stock Exchange’s switch to Linux and Solaris for their .NET based trade platform, while we joined the Open Source Consortium in support of open fellows over there. Hopefully more news from that way will hit the blog in the future, so look out.