weekly snap
Sep 28-Oct 2 was reporting week- on Startup successes, customer Nagios projects, tech workshops and of course more Jasper reporting tips.
To start, Peter shed light on our Nagios Voice Alert system recently implemented for the City of Augsburg. Per text to voice on a Starface appliance integrated by a NETWAYS module and managed by NoMa, the system calls and speaks alert details to the user, sending acknowledgements at the press of a button.
Another project was also brought into the limelight with the project of the month. For August, it was a large configuration restructure with template integration for a Nagios project at Schüco.
While Karo reported back on the success of the  Startup Weekend we supported, Bernd continued his reporting series with two Jasper how-tos. One on displaying current host status with a red/green icon, and another on linking in Jasper charts and content.
To top off the week, Bernd also reported on the important issues of our internal autumn tech workshop– from developments in NETWAYSGrapherV2, voice alert systems and LConf to check_interface_table and Open Source ESB in distributed environments. After such an agenda, we hope our techies came out loaded with new ideas to take on the upcoming projects.