September 2009: When Schüco approached NETWAYS, they had a basic, sluggish Nagios installation they wanted to expand and optimise. With over 46 locations around the globe and 650 devices to monitor, Schüco was looking for support in the coming configuration chaos. Inadvertently, config details were replicated many times over, sitting in large unstructured files so that Schüco admins simply had too much information and no overview.
The first task for consultant William was to restructure their config files into a tree and added template functionality. This suited their multiuser admin needs and simplifying their file structure in turn simplified configuration work. Instead of changing a config variable over 40 times, with templates they now only needed to do it twice.
On this new tidy configuration base, he could then expand the monitoring system’s capabilities to include the usual suspects: EventDB, PNP4Nagios, Nagvis, NETWAYSPortal, SMS alerts, business processes and even Jasper reports. As William customised the NETWAYSPortal for Schüco, he enhanced the SLA view to make target SLAs easier to compare with ‘actual availability’. After a good 20 days work on and offsite, their new state of the art monitoring system was up and running at optimum efficiency. Kudos to that.


Enhanced SLA View for easy target vs. actual availability comparison