weekly snapSep 21-25 was a packed week on the blog, with hardware, monitoring, reporting, back up and appliances all coming into play.
Peter shared a new NETWAYS creation commissioned by a customer who wanted Nagios minus Linux. A Thomas Krenn server with redundant hard drives and power supply bundled with a customised web interface with various Nagios views, NagVis and support channel access gave rise to the NETWAYS Nagios Appliance. With an ingenious user rights system, new scripts could be tested but access was limited so no certification for Linux operation needed to occur.
On the monitoring theme, hardware man Martin introduced the Rittal CMC-TC Wireless Monitoring System which can manage up to 64 sensors when expanded while Bernd explained how to group data and add diagrams in Jasper reports in his ongoing Jasper series.
Just 2 days after Christian tipped off Julian’s appearance at the Bacula Conference in Köln, was his speech ‘Bacula Monitoring with Nagios or Icinga’ online. He covered implementation of back up hardware monitoring, operating systems, clients and the Bacula logic in monitoring back up jobs or pool workloads. Phew!