weekly snapAugust 31 – 4 Sep was a week dominated by reporting and events. Bernd E kicked off his new series on Jasper Reporting and Christian F gave us a few calendar highlights to look out for. On the side we had a look at the project of August – a Configurator for Nagios when there are simply too many servers and checks to do it by hand.
To open his new series, Bernd mused about the growing importance of professional reporting systems, where a spontaneously compiled Excel sheet just doesn’t hit the mark anymore. With a promised 10 posts to follow, he plans to cover everything from the installation of the server component, to the production of reports with dynamic parameters and the automated scheduling and sending of reports. Within the week he popped off his first entry on how to install JasperServer, child’s play as he says.
Christian F announced a few dates worth marking in the calendar for Nagios enthusiasts, with 6 courses on Nagios to come over 2009 and 2010. Around the corner, on 28 Oct 2009 at 9am he tipped off a once off, free live streaming of the OSMC presentation from MySQL guru Kristian Köhntopp on Monitoring MySQL – a great sneak peak into our legendary OSMC.