weekly snapAugust 17-21 mixed modems with distributed computing, Twitter and Nmap for a good blog blend.
Julian kicked off with a reminder to heed the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing, while we answered some FAQs on Nmap in automatically generating Nagios configurations.
On cue, Bernd rolled on with his Twitter Development series and explained the workings of Twitter ‘replies’ and ‘mentions’ as well as the many ‘tweet’ search capabilities. Just for fun, he tipped off MIT’s uncanny natural language processing site – Personas, for the online vain to view their internet portrait.
Hardware man Martin announced his successor to the soon-to-be discontinued Falcom Samba 55 USB GSM Modem: the quad-band Teltonika Modem USB/G10. Besides heralding its features, he promised test results for it with AKCP securityProbe and Intellipool Network Monitor in the coming weeks and its availability from the end of September on our online hardware shop. Stay tuned!