weekly snap
August 10-14 had grassroots IT in the limelight with Christian D tipping off our participation at FrOSCon 2009, where we will be exhibiting NETWAYSGrapherV2 in open source spirit.
In suit, Stefan introduced his new voice chat hailing from the gamer community, known as Mumble. Swearing by its better latency, speech quality and connection to disparate locations, he offered tips for installation and transition from the old Teamspeak.
Bernd moved on with his Twitter Development series, looking at public and private timelines of status updates and Twitter’s transmission and receipt of messages.
Julian added a Nagios twist, with his explanation on how to link Nagios in 30 seconds to send alerts via Twitter. Alongside reiterating the importance of using multiple alert methods, he followed up last month’s hard disk formatting post with an alternative method courtesy of rapper Ice-T. We recommend it for data erasure with stress release.