weekly snapAugust 3-7 opened the month with posts from all corners of the office – from hardware to events, and Nagios to Twitter. Indeed, Bernd forged ahead in his Twitter Development series with two posts on determining ‘followers’ and ‘friends’ (following) as well as the linking of tweets between them.
Apart from sharing his memory of the Guru Meditation error, Julian responded to requests in his Nagios Notification series for a method to directly push alerts to iPhones. For those who don’t have a Mac to act as a transmitter, he showed how to connect a Nagios server to an online Prowl application instead.
In step, hardware man Martin introduced our new mini Nagios USB traffic light complete with installation instructions and its corresponding check_usbtligh.pl, to replace the old (albeit larger) product.
From the events side, Karo welcomed the Nuremberg Start-up Weekend organising committee to the office. In support of the event, NETWAYS will be looking after technical aspects such as wireless, blog hosting, and office space. For those who will be there, see you in September!