weekly snapJuly 27-31 saw the month come to a close and Karo snap the OSMC early bird offer shut. Beforehand, Julian showed us how to take advantage of the fastest and simplest SMS alert setup for Nagios, while reminding us of the advantages of a SMS Gateway for those who don’t need to cut corners.
Keeping to the notifications theme, the project of July was one for T-Mobile, whose barrage of alerts needed to be filtered and prioritised before being sent to administrators. Birger delivered once again, with his new creation: check_ndo.pl.
Bernd continued his Twitter Development series with a post on Twitter user information and tipped off Mac users on the handy Geek Tool, which blends pictures, logs or scripts into the desktop background. With an expected Nagios spin, he explained how to blend NagiosGrapher RRD on the desktop background for all those admins to keep a watchful eye.
Speaking of admins, Friday was the 10th Sysadmin Day and we took our hats off to our own at NETWAYS. Cheers to Martin, Bernd, Stefan, Georg and the rest of the under appreciated system administrators out there!