weekly snapJune 22-26 was a crazy week out and about for NETWAYS. The developers were in Kassel for the Nagios Community Workshop and Julian and Bernd E were off in Berlin for Linux Day– not concurrently but consecutively. From Kassel, the boys reported home on some highlights: new NagVis enhancements and partnerships, insights into CMDB i-doit working with Nagios, discovery of ndo2fs as a potential partner/substitute for ndo2db in small environments and the debut of Icinga to a live audience. Developer duo Christian and Marius introduced their NetwaysGrapherV2 while Julian and Bernd were off introducing Xen and Nagios monitoring in large environments in Berlin. Besides offering his slides online, Julian found the time to share a few tips on Apple Time Machine with network sharing. Before our developers could step foot back in office, they packed NetwaysGrapherV2 RC2 with ICINGA on a VM and cast it out for download. Quietly on the side, Bernd L reviewed the new OpenVPN Access Server applauding its simple client configuration distribution and Christian F announced the upcoming OSMC 2009 as the official meeting for the Nagios Plugin Development Team. Phew!